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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

It's 2nd of August. Today I am leaving Colombo and flying to my last country that is United Arab Emirates. The city I will be staying in is dubai, which is well known as a great tourist attraction. The airplane will take off at 9:35 PM and land at 3:35 am on 3rd August. It is a 7h 30 min journey and it cost me $320. At 4:00 am i checked out of the Dubai international airport, and made my way to the InterContinental Dubai hotel. It will cost me $156 per night. The hotel provides its customers with an internatonal restaurant , and pool, stylish rooms and suites.
On my first day, I am going to see the Palm Islands, and then go to the Dubai Mall for shopping and eat there as well. After shopping for almost 4 hours , now I am returning back to my hotel.
I juse woke up, it's my second day in Dubai. I am getting ready to go to spend some time at the Jumeirah beach . After relaxing almost about 2 hours, I am going to view Borj Khalifa , a very famous monument. Then I am going to see the Dubai Museum.
On my last day in Dubai , I will be going to tour the Dubai fountain, DubaI dolphinarium, and Dubai zoo.

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Continent Three

Sri Lanka, Colombo

It's 30th of July . Today I am flying to Colombo Sri Lanka. The air China flight 19 50 will depart at 8:55 am and it arrived colimbo at 9:50bpm on the same day . It is a 15h 25 min long journey.
I am going to take a taxI to Galle Face hotel where I am staying for 3 nights and will cost me $162 per night. This hotel offers free breakfast, beach access, a pool, spa treatments and dinings.
On my first day, I am going to see the National Museum of colombo. After this I am going to visit the Pettah Floating market, which is a new experience and a beautiful place. I have pictures attached to this blog.
On my second day in am going to visit Wolvendaal Church in the morning, then visit the Biera Lake, spend some time observing the nature. In the evening I had my dinner at a restaurant and went back to my hotel room.
it's 2nd of August and my kart day in Shanghai. Today I will just be touring the Galle Face green.

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Continent Three

China, Shanghai

It's 27th of July, today I am leaving Suva and heading to China Shanghai. Departure time is 7:30 PM and will reach Shanghai at 5:00 am. It is a 37h 30 min long flight with 2 stops . My plane landed at 5:00 am at the Shanghai airport on 29th July. I am outside the airport, going to take a taxi to the hotel, I am going to stay in for 3 days. After 40 minuses I reached Four Seasons Hotel Shanghai , placed my luggage in the room. A 3 nights stay in this hotel will cost me $222.
After a 2 hour rest, I am having breakfast at the mini restaurant inside the hotel I am staying in. Now I am going to visit the Oriental Pearl Tower.
The second place in an going to visit is Nanjing Road, where I will be able to shop. At 7 pm I went back to my hotel room to sleep after a tiring day.
I just woke up, it's my seconday day in Shanghai and today I will be touring the Yu Gardens and Shanghai Road Aquarium.
On my last date in Shanghai, I am going to see the Shanghai Art Museum, have lunch at a restaurant and spend the rest of my day at my hotel , getting things ready for my flight next morning to Colombo .

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Continent Two

Fiji, Suva

Today I am going to fly to Suva . The departure time is 7:00 AM and I will arrive Suva at 10:05 AM. It is a 3h 5m long travel time and costs me $405. I will leave from the Auckland international Airport today 24th July on Boeing 737-700 .
After a short 3h flight , I reached Suva at 10:05 AM and without any delayou took a taxI to the hotel is will be staying in. After a 40 min ride from the airport is reached my hotel called Peninsula International Hotel Suva which costs mev $75 per night which is cheap as compared to other hotels.I took the key for my room and placed my luggage in. I am having my breakfast at the hotels own restaurant.
Its my first day in Suva . Today I am going to visit the Fiji Museum , which has a wide variety of artifacts. After that I am going to see the Thurston gardens . Its 7pm and i am having my dinner at a restaurant after which I will go back to my hotel room.
On my second day at Suva I am, going to visit the Alberta Park , and after that shop at the famous Suva market. I will have my lunch and dinner at the hotels restaurant .
Its my last day in Suva. I am getting ready to gorder to the Municipal handicraft center. I have attached pictures to this blog.

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Continent Two

Auckland, New Zealand

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Its 21st of July. Today I am leaving Sydney and heading to Auckland. Departure time is 7:30 AM and I will reach Auckland airport at 12:20 PM on the same day. This journey cost me $308.72 on airline Qantas. The hotel I am going to stay in for three days is Pullman Auckland. The price of the hotel is $168 per night. I am taking the bus from airport to the hotel I will be staying in. In 47 min I reached the hotel and the bus cost me $18.
It's noon, so I am going to have lunch at the hotel and then going to see the Waite Mata Harbour. It is a beautiful place, and I am having fun fishing here aso well. I came back home to have a little rest , as I have other plans for the night.
I just woke up after a one hour nap. Now I feel fresh enough to go to see the Sky Tower, which is a 10 min walk from the hotel. I am at the top tofu the Sky Tower from where I can see the panoramic citype views and bungee jumping is also available. There is a Sky Tower revolving restaurant and a casino too. I am going to have my dinner at this restaurant and after that I will go back to my hotel to sleep.
It's 22nd of July , my second day in Auckland. Today I have planned to visit the Kelly Tarltons Sea life Aquarium. In about half an hour I got ready and reached the Aquarium. It is an amazing place with underwater viewing and a wide variety of marine animals displayed creatively. It's 2 PM , I am leaving the aquarium and heading towards the Rainbows End which is an amusement park with numerous rides and different food. After a long tiring day, I am going back my hotel to sleep.
Today is my last day in Auckland, and the last place I will be visiting is Auckland Zoo. It is a vast site for nature and exotic animals. Pictures are attached to this blog.
Its 24th of July, I am going to leave Auckland today and go to Fiji Suva.

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